Aligning Marketing, Sales, and Community for Business Growth

In this episode of CX Nexus, hosts Nicole Saunders and Chris Detzel are joined by Luke Austin, Director of Analytics and Insights at Reltio, to delve into the critical role of data analytics in modern marketing and sales strategies. Luke provides an in-depth explanation of essential concepts such as pipeline and bookings, and how these metrics are vital for predicting business performance and setting revenue targets.
The discussion transitions to the impact of community engagement on business outcomes, highlighting the importance of Account-Based Experience (ABX) strategies. Luke shares valuable insights on how Reltio leverages ABX to enhance their sales process, particularly by identifying and engaging multiple stakeholders within target accounts.

A significant portion of the conversation focuses on the impressive influence of community shows, hosted by Chris, on customer engagement and pipeline creation. Luke reveals how these shows have become a primary driver of engagement, accounting for a substantial portion of customer interactions, and how this engagement correlates with increased pipeline and expansion opportunities.

Listeners will gain a comprehensive understanding of how integrating community activities with data-driven marketing and sales efforts can lead to significant business growth. Nicole and Chris also emphasize the importance of community professionals building strong relationships with their marketing intelligence teams to harness the full potential of data insights.

Join us for a detailed exploration of the intersections between community engagement, data analytics, and business strategy, and learn how to translate community interactions into measurable business outcomes.
Aligning Marketing, Sales, and Community for Business Growth
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