The CX Nexus Podcast: Building Bridges in Business

In the debut episode of "CX Nexus," hosts Nicole and Chris warmly welcome their audience into the fold of an innovative podcast series dedicated to exploring the intricate world of customer experience (CX) and its pivotal role in business success. Nicole, with her profound background as the director of community at Zendesk, brings to the table a wealth of knowledge gleaned from her extensive experience in community management across a diverse range of industries and company sizes. Chris Detzel complements this expertise with his invaluable insights from spearheading online communities and engagement initiatives at Reltio, making them a formidable duo in the realm of CX.

As they introduce themselves and the vision behind "CX Nexus," Nicole and Chris share their personal journeys in community management, shedding light on the unique challenges and triumphs they've encountered. Their narratives set the stage for the podcast's mission: to unravel the complexities of cross-functional collaboration within businesses and highlight the indispensable role of community in fostering synergy across various departments.

The hosts outline an ambitious plan for the podcast, aiming to invite guests from a myriad of roles—ranging from customer success and sales to product marketing and customer experience. These conversations are designed to offer listeners a panoramic view of how community engagement not only bridges gaps between different business functions but also enhances collective efforts towards achieving common goals.

"CX Nexus" positions itself as a treasure trove of insights for professionals entrenched in the spheres of customer experience, go-to-market strategies, marketing, customer support, product management, and leadership. Nicole and Chris are committed to delivering content that not only informs but also inspires professional growth and encourages a culture of collaboration and innovation within product companies.

The essence of the podcast is encapsulated in its goal to showcase the interconnectedness of roles within organizations and how these connections contribute to strategic decision-making and business success. Nicole and Chris emphasize the importance of listener engagement, inviting the audience to actively participate by subscribing across various platforms, suggesting topics, posing questions, and recommending guests through 

As "CX Nexus" embarks on its journey, Nicole and Chris stand at the helm, ready to guide their listeners through the evolving landscape of customer experience, armed with their expertise, vision, and an open invitation for everyone to join the conversation.
The CX Nexus Podcast: Building Bridges in Business
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